Top JavaScript Frameworks

Javascript is one of the trending technologies in past years and getting widely used across the globe. Nowadays, Javascript is not getting used only for frontend task, but it has backend utility as well. There many Javascript frameworks available to be utilized in web as well as mobile applications. Also, new frameworks and libraries are getting developed rapidly. So, choosing a right framework or library for an application can be a decisive task and that needs to be done after reviewing their features, pros, and cons. For better decision making, we have listed some of the most popular Javascript frameworks, that you can consider being used in an application for your next project.

Angular: Angular is an open-source Javascript framework which is used to make single-page applications (SPA). It is developed and getting maintained by Google. It uses front end technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript and combines them to make its own structure. It is a complete framework, means everything you need to make frontend web app is available in it. Angular is a component based framework. The complete application gets divided into reusable components and data can be shared between them. To begin with Angular, one need to understand its own specific syntax and structure, so it has bit of longer learning curve. It had been started with Angular.js (v1), then they released Angular v2 which was a complete rewrite of first version. Then after, all the versions released an upgrade to the previous one. Angular has high popularity among Javascript frameworks and also has huge community support.

ReactJS: ReactJs is another open-source Javascript library which can be used to make single page application (SPA). It is developed and getting maintained by Facebook. It use HTML, CSS and Javascript in core and uses them to make a component based structure. It uses JSX for templates, for easy syntax and making it more simple. It follows the MVC model and it is easy to maintain large scale application build-up using ReactJS. One can use ReactJS along with other libraries and it can also be paired with other PHP frameworks like Laravel for application development. Applications like Facebook and Instagram are using this JS library. ReactJS also has big community support and is growing rapidly. It is an independent library and that’s why learning curve is not that much complex.

Vue.js: Vuejs is a progressive JavaScript library. It is very fast and lightweight in terms of its size. It uses technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and it work with virtual DOM. It uses plain HTML templates. Also, Vuejs automatically track the dependencies of components during its rendering, that is the benefit. Using Vuejs one can build interactive web interfaces, user interfaces and easy and fast applications. Other PHP frameworks Laravel can be easily integrated with Vuejs. Because of its lightweight nature, its popularity is getting increased at very fast pace. It providing tough competition to Angular and ReactJS in recent time.

Node.js: Node.js has been built on JavaScript Engine of Google’s Chrome and is a server-side JavaScript framework. It is open source and can be used to build networking and server-side applications.It can also be used while developing APIs and backend services. NodeJs applications are asynchronous in nature due to its single-threaded event loop and that’s why it can handle a large number of requests without lagging, that is its benefit. NodeJs backend can be connected with different SQL and NoSQL databases. Also, NodeJs enables real-time communication between server and client using WebSockets, that make an application more collaborative. It has good community support and also dependency manager NPM, which a large number of packages available and new are getting added continuously.

Wrap Up These are the top JavaScript frameworks which can be considered for your next project. Which to choose completely depends on the project requirements and functionality you need in the project.