VueJS Development Services

Build lightweight websites and applications with Vue.js Development.

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Vuejs Development Services

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework good for building user interfaces. It is a progressive framework whose core library is focused on the view layer only. With Vue.js it becomes easier to integrate into other projects that use other Javascript libraries. A simple, flexible API and interactive web interfaces can also be created using Vue.js. It is less dogmatic, lightweight and much easier to adapt. We have well-updated developers who can make use of all the opportunities that Vue.js provides and can create the best quality output possible. With very strong official supporting libraries like vue-router, vuex, vuefire, Vue.js is rapidly progressing to become the top choice for JavaScript front-end developers.

Using Vue.js, we can develop advanced single page web apps and fully customized mobile applications for our clients. At Creative Encode, our developers have the best know-how of the framework and it libraries. Hence, they are committed to deliver magnificent vueJS development services to the clients who wish to build lightweight websites or mobile apps for their commercial requirements.

Our various services

  • Vue.js Web Application Development
  • Vue.js Component Development
  • Vue.js UI Development
  • Vue.js Custom Application Development
  • Vue.js Single Page application development
  • Vue.js Real-time application Development
  • Vue.js Front-end development services
  • Vue.js Maintenance and Upgradation

Why VueJS Development?

  • Vue.js has efficient state management that makes the web-application lag free and high performing.
  • Vue.js divides the whole app into components and these components are reusable.
  • Two-way data binding feature automatically updates the changes on both client as well as the server side.
  • Vue-router package is used by Vue.js to create artificial hash-based URLs to support sharing links and creating bookmarks in SPAs.
  • Vue.js creates a Virtual DOM to render the requests. This makes a huge difference and improves the performance!

Advantages of Hiring Model

  • Expert resources with diverse skill sets.
  • Dedicated and Hourly based hiring facility.
  • Support for all requirements.
  • Control over the project workflow.

Features & Specifications

  • 160 hours of work per month.
  • Secured data protection.
  • Transparent work.
  • aily or weekly progress reports.

No concealed Terms

  • Flexibility to hire resources for long-term or short-term.
  • Communication via email, phone and skype with the resources.
  • Cancel conciliation any time with 1 week notice period.


What our customers say

Creative Encode Technologies is worth much more than I paid. It really saves me time and effort. Creative Encode Technologies is exactly what our business has been lacking. We’ve seen amazing results already. It’s all good.

Jessica J. Edmonson
Aiden & Sydney

Creative Encode Technologies team was able to provide technical expertise in integrating into my site as well as fixed other issues with my magento shopping cart. I am very happy with the results and would recommend him highly for future projects.

Daniel R. Thompson

The new system has streamlined processes, alleviating the administrative burden from internal staff. Creative Encode Technologies ensured that all components complied with local data security laws, and they delivered a modern interface. They are very clear with questions and highly responsive when we have had requests.

Niall Hickey

The new software makes entering competitions an easier process, leading to an increase in entries. Despite the language barrier, Creative Encode Technologies communicates effectively and responds in a timely manner. The team is talented and tenacious.

Julie Corcoran

Creative Encode Technologies launched the project and is keeping track of the business milestones, MVP, and client demos. The team uses Trello to specify needs necessary for logical and business process context. They’re currently maintaining the project’s functionality for smooth operation.

Farid Tejani

Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Creative Encode Technologies is both attractive and highly adaptable. I STRONGLY recommend Creative Encode Technologies to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business!.

John Ross