Magento has introduced New Capabilities of Business Intelligence

19th September,2019

In Digital commerce, Magento is one of the most popular platform for developing a fully-functional ecommerce store. But having a technically complete ecommerce store is not enough for your entire business success. For that, you must have need the proven track of customer journey and advance data analysis and Advance data tracking system. So you can find what end-users actually looking for.


According to MicroStrategy report, by leveraging data analytics to inform business decisions more that 50% of business has improved the efficiency and productivity of their businesses.


For Magento merchants, Magento continues upgrading its Business Intelligence platform. Recently Magento has introduced New Capabilities of Business Intelligence. And this new feature globally started on September 12.


Before checking it new Capabilities, let discuss WHAT IS MAGENTO BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE?


Magento business intelligence is cloud technology based data management and visualization platform that provides integrated, easy-to-use dashboards and reporting tools for Magento store owner to expertly use their customer data. This platform assemble from their database, Magento extensions, and third-party tools to deliver the valuable insights.

If merchant want to know, impact of a returned order on loyalty? Which channels acquire the most valuable customers? With the use of this platform, merchants can easily find the loop holes.

Now let get the brief overview of new capabilities of Magento Business Inteliinge, which recently introduced on Magento official website.


Schedule and Send Timely Data analytics reports with enhanced email summaries

This new features allow user to easily schedule and send visualizations, tables or stand-alone KPIs to people within their organization right from this platform. A separate dedicated Email Summary Status page also separate dedicated Email Summary Status page available in dashboard. So you can check various Email Summary distributions.


New Data Visualization with Dynamic Scatter and Bubble Charts

Currently this platform offer only ten different visualization options. With this new update, more three new visualization types including scatter plots, scatter plots with a trend line and bubble charts is added. With the help of bubble charts, now merchants can add a third and fourth dimension to their visual reports. Which helps to easily interpret the coorelation between the number of customers from specific sources grouped by region, how many orders they are placing, and how much revenue they have driven.


Features of Magento BI Platform

  • Get the data directly from your CRM database
  • All in one hub for all types of data.
  • Option for integrate your multiple business systems with the platform
  • Use analytics whatever your skillset, due to its ease-of-use
  • Easily get the fully customizable data report.
  •  Restrict what metrics can be seen by others.
  •  third-party extensions for data leveraging
  • customer segmentation
  • Get custom report on your most valuable customers
  • Complete cloud-based, get access for anywhere.
  • Measure your marketing campaign’s ROI

On current stage, Magento offers this BI platform available on 2 different price plans:

1. Magento Business Intelligence Pro

2. Magento Business Intelligence Essentials

You can also get the demo of this BI platform by visiting

Now I hope, you will get the basic idea about Magento BI platform. Still you want to know some details information or looking for Magento development service, you can contact us anytime.


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