Is MongoDb Really A Good Fit Data Solution for Your Business?

15th February,2019

Amidst of all the recent criticism from Amazon, MongoDB still stands high as the best database solution for the modern day businesses that would like to scale their applications to match up with their future needs.

So, what makes MongoDB a preferred database solution for the businesses?

  • Affordable & Highly Compatible

Firstly, MongoDB  is open source and yes, cross-platform compatible as well. Hence, building business applications on it would mean better customization and more affordability. Moreover, it would be easy for the users to access such applications right from any platform or device making data available for organizational needs any time anywhere.
  • Flexible Data Storage

Secondly, MongoDB stores data in document style structure offering the complete flexibility of data type and storage. Here one can store almost any kind of data without actually having to define its type before itself.  This means it is definitely a good approach to the modern needs of rising unstructured data.
  • Best Data Solution for CMS Systems

This also makes up for a good data solution for the modern vibrant content management systems that house so many kinds of data like comments, multimedia, tweets etc. So, whether you are having ecommerce website powered by a CMS or just an ideal website for online marketing, MongoDB can fit for all your data needs very well.
  • Complete Safety and High Availability of Data

With MongoDB, it's easy to create replications of your data on multiple sub-servers. Hence, recovery of your data in the most unreliable and unpredictable conditions becomes much faster and easier. Even in the case of server failures, you are assured of complete safety of your data. If high availability is what you are looking for, then opting for MongoDB development can be a good option for your enterprise.
  • Easy & Efficient Scaling

Usually scaling of database is a complicated task. But, built-in sharding features and cloud compatibility of MongoDB, database scaling becomes much easier. One can load up high volumes of data across multiple servers in a cloud-based environment and hence, have lot of flexibility over data storage and access. Even if you are planning to grow your business with more bulk data storage requirements, you can always scale your database and partition your data for easy storage with MongoDB.
  • Create Better Customer Experiences

Whether you want to harvest data from specific locations or get a real-time view of it, MongoDB helps you consolidate different genres of data for dynamic data operations. Hence, if you want to give personalized experience for your customers through your website or app, you can easily do it with MongoDB. You can harvest data like behavior, browsing history, interactions and much more to create tailored and more pleasing experience for your customers.

Scenarios Where MongoDB is Really Helpful

  • If your business supports a content management system, then opting for MongoDB can be a good option. Whether you need flexible data storage to store your data across different fields and parameters that vary across the documents, then MongoDB development can be really helpful.
  • Secondly, if your business collects data from different devices or sensors, MongoDB is sureshot data solution for you. Thorough flexibility and data handling capacities make MongoDB a really good option for extensively dynamic data needs.
  • If your business supports mobile infrastructure, then MongoDB's ability to scale up horizontally and handle unstructured data can really help your needs. MongoDB supports fast iterations and modifications to existing data thereby helping you build better and faster mobile apps for your business needs.
  • If you are running an eCommerce store, then MongoDB can be good fit data solution for your needs as you aim to offer personalized user experiences to your customers with real-time analysis of their behavior, interests, demographics, browsing history and more. If you are curious about handling and managing your user data, then MongoDB is something that suits your requirements the best.
  • With MongoDB as your database solution, you can easily keep up with efficient functioning of your business across its divisions with real-time data reports (easy & fast data fetching across the distributed data servers) that are generated easily and within fraction of time.
  • If you aim to grow your businesses bigger in the near future, you need a data solution like MongoDB that helps you make upgrades or changes to your application database much quicker and faster and with minimum investments.

Enterprises That Have Implemented MongoDB

According to iDataLabs report, nearly 26,929 companies across the globe are utilizing this dynamic NoSQL database for different data needs.

While the retail bigshot eBay utilizes MongoDB to conduct search suggestions, merchandize categorization, metadata storage and delivering all media metadata at high availability rate , the world's number one content management system, Adobe relies on MongoDB for cloud-based data management.

CISCO, the world's largest IT and networking solutions provider sought MongoDB development services for empowering its collaborative workspace. On the other hand, SAP platform is also empowered by MongoDB database.

While Medtronic, the world's largest medical equipment maker collects data about its devices through MongoDB, Verizon gets greater value from its data through MongoDB.

Hence, you can see that world's largest enterprises have trusted MongoDB development services for their vivid entrepreneurial needs. This itself reveals the greatness of this NoSQL database that has a befit solution for all kinds of entrepreneurial data needs. If you too are looking for a dynamic data solution for your custom data needs, then look out for the best MongoDB development services in your town to get going.


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