Highlights of New React DevTools and ReactJS Features

19th September,2019

In techno world, there are many technologies like Angular, Node, Meteor etc. are available for developing a website. When Facebook has launch ReactJS, most developers were required to do a lot of coding. Developers love such type framework in which they can easily break down complex components and reuse that code.


And today, ReactJS has become a very popular just because of its advance features like simplicity and flexibility. According to some IT expert, it is the future of Web Development Services.


ReactJS is basically component-based JavaScript library which mostly use for developing an interactive and dynamic websites and mobile applications specifically for developing single page applications where need continues data fetch in real time. For Example Facebook. It completely base on MVC (Model - View - Controller). Everything is components in ReactJS. Even the complete homepage is also divided into small parts which merged together to complete the view.


Here are some quick facts of ReactJS

  • In 2011, IT develop by the Facebook.
  • It became open source in 2013 under the controversial BSD3 license.
  • The first release of React's Github repository generated 96,000 stars from developers.
  • The community of almost 1200 active contributors

A large scale of businesses are quickly adopting this technology because of its ease of use and simplicity, making the learning curve very simple. I think code reusability with addition/modification is of it big features in terms of saving a time and budget on development.


Here is the list of large scale companies, who use ReactJS.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp
  • Netflix
  • Salesforce
  • Uber
  • The New York Times
  • CNN
  • Dropbox
  • DailyMotion
  • IMDB
  • Reddit

Now let discuss the amazing features of ReactJS


Component Creation Code Creation

As we discussed above, everything is divided in component including home page. This is meant by reusability, which help developer to save its valuable time on development.


Virtual DOM

In React, every DOM object creates a virtual copy of the original DOM. Which allowing fast creation of scalable web apps.


Lifecycle methods

Allow code execution at specific set points during a component's lifetime.


React Native

A custom made renderer for React, same like React DOM on The Web. Instead of using web components, this use native component to building blocks.


React DevTools


If you are a ReactJS Developer or using React for your next project, you must have to try this new react DevTools. Available in Chrome, Firefox and even as a standalone application for Safari and React Native debugging, this browser extension allows debugging your components.


What’s New in latest version of React?

The latest version (16X) offers full support for React Hooks, including inspecting nested objects. And also improvements performance and navigation experience.


List of react version:


In react-dom

1. 0-14.x: No support

2. 15.x: Supported (except for the new component filters feature)

3. 16.x: Supported


In react-native

1. 0-0.61: No support

2. 0.62: Support will be provided in future (when 0.62 is released)


The new Devtools also provide the several ways to filter components from tree. This help to make navigate deeply nested hierarchies.

Now i hope, you will get the basic ideas for reactJS Development service.  Still If you are looking for more related to this feel free to contact us: Click Here


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