Angular Version 8 – Know the Latest Update & Features

10th September,2019

As we know, Google’s AngularJS is of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the year 2019. And finally google has released its latest Angular 8 version with lot more attractive and unique features on 23 May 2019.


In this article, let discuss the top features and updates of latest version: Angular 8


What’s New in this version?

This latest version Angular: 8 came with very exciting features.


Better performance optimization using Differential loading

up to Now, The ideal practice was to compile applications to the ECMAScript 5, so that both IE 11 and Google’s web crawlers can execute this program. But the latest version update, which is inclusive of CLI 8, consists of a feature called differential loading.


Hiring an Angular developer, you will now easily able to produce separate bundles for legacy and evergreen browsers; and by doing so, you will drastically be able to reduce the number of polyfills that you would otherwise have to download in old versions.


Web workers

Now Angular allows developer to offload all your heavy task into a separate worker altogether. Ultimately it helps you to speed improvements and executing things in a parallel manner in the other browser.


Builders and Deploy

Mostly Angular uses builders from serve, test, build, lint, and e2e main operations. But in this new version, Angular use builder in the angular.json files. And also offers more flexibility to create your own custom builders.


SVG as a Template

In Angular 8 developer can use the SVG extension file as a template in place of HTML files without having to taking care of any additional configuration settings.

The main advantage is when you use SVG as a template, you can also use it as a directive. And you can dynamically create collaborative graphics in all your applications that run on Angular.


Ivy Rendering Engine

Still this is in test phase in the Angular 8 release. Creating an app with enable-ivy flag, you can test the lVY. And for that you must requires the opt-in preview mode. If you wish to enable Ivy in an existing project, set ‘enableIvy’ option in ‘angularCompilerOptions’ in your project’s ‘’.

With improvements in Ivy Rendering feature in Angular 8, you stand the benefits of backward compatibility. Developers can rejoice as this feature also allows you to debug templates.



Lazy Loading

From it first version, Angular‘s router has supported lazy loading. And it will done by identifying a magic value of the loading module. In this version, you don’t need any magic value or magic string.


Improvements in Performance

Excellent Improvements in this update. For each and every request, ServerRendererFactory2’ creates a new instance of ‘DomElementSchemaRegistry”.


Usage Analytics Data

In this Angular CLI functionality can collect usage analytics data. So the program can easily collect data and provide it to team for improvement and well-programmed future releases.


Support for $location AngularJS API

Angular 8 with the support of $location service, integrated with a new package called angular/common/upgrade. Which offers the below advantages.

  • Allows the ability to retrieve the state from the location service itself.
  • Now you can track all the concerned location changes.
  • Allows you to read hostname, protocol, port, and search properties too. Only which is in AngularJS.
  • For test location service, New MockPlatformLocation API addend now.

Service Worker

In this new version, there is lot more improvements have been done in service worker. One of the big improvements in this module is SwRegistrationOptions.


Improvements in Form

In this, variety of form improvements in the program. Few of them shown below.

  • ‘clear’ elements to remove all from ‘FormArray’.
  • To trigger the validation for all controls that lie in a ‘FormGroup’, the markAllAsTouched method is added to mark all the controls lying in ‘FormGroup’

Bazel Support

In Angular 8, Google has introduced a Bazel in the opt-in preview mode.  Bazel offers the following advantages.

  • It will increase the build time. The first build time may take a few more minutes but the concurrent builds are expected to be much faster. With this the CI now gets completed within 7.5 minutes instead of a taking 60 to 65 minutes.
  • Bazel allows to build and deploy only the specific areas of the app that need to be changed rather than the entire application.

Angular Firebase

IF you are continues using the angular firebase than this update is good for you. With the latest update, you can now deploy your entire application.


PNPM Support

Now Angular support a new package manager PNPM. Further includes NPM and Yarn too.


Well, working in updated version of Angular: 8 you must have to consider this two important things.

  • Lazy Routes

As we have already discuss, the latest version has completely changed the way you can work on lazy loading in the program.

  • Queries

Queries are referred as the following components,

  •  ViewChild (affected)
  • ContentChild (affected)
  • ViewChildren (this is not affected by the upgrade)
  • ContentChildren (this is not affected by the upgrade)


After reading above through, I hope you are planning to update new version ANGULAR 8.

For updating Angular 8, you can direct update it from official site of Angular Updates. If you are having trouble to update new version, you can hire our reach out for Angular Development Services.


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