Android 10 – New Features & Updated

5th September,2019

Finally waiting is over! 1+ year of Development and intense testing by early adopters Google has rolling out the new version of Android operating system: Android 10. Previously known as Android Q, Android 10 made its presence felt during Google's Android Developer Summit conference held last November.


Android 10 Main Focus Area

  • Strong support for emerging devices like 5G Phone
  • Deep Focus on privacy and security
  • Use of Advanced machine-learning
  • Improve digital wellbeing controls to strike a balance with technology.

The main aim of newly release of Android 10 source code to make the Android a robust ecosystem.

Currently, Google has offered this new version update Google's Pixel smartphones including

  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel 3
  • Google Pixel 3 XL
  • Google Pixel 3a
  • Google Pixel 3a XL

Several other partner devices, may receive this update by the end of the year.


What’s New in Android 10 Latest version?


Dark Theme

Now user can quickly enable system-wide Dark Theme. The main aim behind Dark Theme is to reducing eye strain as well as save battery life. And this mode will apply to both the system UI and specific apps.

Google has launched this dark theme not only android 10 but also in other product like YouTube, Google Fit, Google Keep, and Google Calendar. Later this month, Gmail and Chrome will also support the dark theme. Just User have to activate the system-wide dark theme from Settings > Display.


A New Category in Settings: PRIVACY

This New version of Android 10 has all new Privacy section within Settings which includes Activity Controls, Location History, and Ad Settings, amongst other options.

  • options for granting app location permission (Allow only while using the app)
  • Auto Blocking unwanted app launches from the background
  • Scoped Storage for better control over apps to access files on external storages.

Live Caption

This is one of most interesting update in Android 10. This is completely base of you tube’s developed technology. This on-device captioning tool provide captions for audio messages, videos, and podcasts across the different app.

This is mostly beneficial for those who has difficulty in hearing and who looking to watch things on mute.


Enhanced Notifications

For notifications, new hierarchy system develop to classify into Gentle and Priority tiers. This help user to easily deal with notification overload.

Priority notifications notify with sounds and status bar icons, and also will appear on the lock screen, while Gentle notifications will always be silent and will simply live in users notifications bar.


Focus Mode

User can temporarily pause apps that might distract you when you're trying to get something else done with a new “FOCUS MODE” feature.


Bubble Notifications

This time Android 10 begin with new style of notifications: Bubble Notifications.  This will allow users to multitask while conducting a conversation quickly.



As we all know, Security is one of big panic area for all android devices. Don’t’ worry! This new version of android came with advances encryption, platform hardening, and authentication to ensure safety.


Smart Reply and Actions

This feature offers system-provided smart replies and actions. Which is by default inserted directly into notifications


Steps to install Android 10

If you have a Pixel phone, you can check for and install the latest Android update by going to

Settings > System > Advanced > System Update > Check for update.


With this latest version of Android OS: Android 10, now is time to become a partner with android developer to update existing apps for compatibility and ensure users experience a smooth transition to Android 10.


Android 10 itself a Next level of Android Application development. It’s is very important to embrace change focused on innovation and new experiences.

If you want to update new Android 10 features in your existing mobile app or looking to develop an application with this new features and updates, let get in touch with our Android Development Team.


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